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Smart Care, Smarter Living


Smart Solutions is a consumer electronics company dedicated to making lives easier by enabling community based living with technology.

We strive to empower persons with disabilities and the aging population with a solution to control their home environment with an easy to use, person centric application – Smart Care. Caregivers now have the tools needed for peace of mind their loved ones are safe.



Smart Care is a person first designed home control system that allows for easy management of your smart devices. With Smart Care, your only limitation is your imagination!


Certified for a plethora of connected devices, Smart Care provides a robust ecosystem of peripherals to support your growing needs.  We continuously look for value added third party integrations to provide a wide arrange of system capabilities


Our facility-based solution, Smart Care Healthcare, provides patients in rehabilitation hospitals an alternative way to control the hospital room.




Our case studies provide real-life stories from some of our customers and how our Smart Care systems have helped their lives for the better. Read these studies to learn about how Smart Solutions can help with your circumstance.


DD's Smart Solution

Learn how DD's life changed in an instant, and how Smart Solutions was able to create a system engineered to precisely what DD needed to regain her independence.

James and Evelyn's Peace of Mind

After James’ father broke his hip, James and Evelyn were always on alert, resulting in an entire lifestyle change. Discover how Smart Solutions helped figure out a resolution that gave everyone peace of mind.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Learn how we have implemented Smart Care technology in rehabilitation hospitals, allowing spinal cord injury patients an alternate way to control their hospital room environment.



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