DD's Smart Solution


The Situation

DD is passionate about three things in life: family, traveling, and horses. She grew up on a small farm in Tupelo, MS and spent her entire life riding and showing horses. Then everything changed in an instant. Three years ago during a routine practice session, DD had a riding accident. After three days in a coma, DD awoke to a new reality. The accident had caused spinal cord damage that left her paralyzed from the neck down. Never one to give up, DD endured intensive rehabilitation where she re-learned how to communicate and function in her “new norm”. Her son, Patrick, moved DD into his house and hired in-home care providers. This created its own set of challenges, including caregiver accountability, that both DD and Patrick accepted as just part of their new lives.

The Smart Solution

After meeting with DD and Patrick, Smart Solutions developed a comprehensive technology plan that would empower them both. For DD, the plan included automated lights, thermostats, door locks, and security cameras, controlled through the Smart Care™ app installed on DD’s tablet. DD can now adjust lights and temperature, control the TV, and even check to see who is at the front door. For Patrick, the plan included cameras throughout the house so that he can check on his mother and her caregivers at any time. Through the Smart Care™ app, Patrick can view real-time feeds from any of the cameras – whether at work or traveling.

The Outcome

Smart Solutions allowed DD to achieve independence. DD, a born hostess, loves the fact that she can easily turn lights on for her guests, see her guests arrive at the front door, unlock the door, and even turn on music. Patrick now has peace of mind and can check on his mom and or caregivers when he is away from the house. DD and Patrick have embraced their Smart Care™ system and the independence it provides.

I am addicted to this technology. I want to keep exploring and finding new ways to do new things on my own.” -DD

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