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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I begin?

The genesis for all things Smart Care begins with the Residential Starter Kit.  The Smart Care Residential Starter kit can be purchased either through our website or through one of our distributors and resellers.  Once you have installed your Smart Care Residential Starter Kit, you can easily add from our growing number of supported devices that best suit your needs. Visit the Products Section of this website for a list of Smart Care compatible products.


What is the privacy policy for Smart Solutions products?

At Smart Solutions, we take your privacy very seriously.  We make every effort to ensure that your data is safe and that we act in the most responsible manner.  Your information is not shared or resold so you can rest assured we are looking out for YOUR best interests. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.


What all can I use Smart Care with?

Smart Care uses an open wireless standard for communications.  This wireless standard, Zigbee, uses a wireless “mesh” network to ensure reliability and connectivity.  We do, however, only support devices purchased from us or one of our distributors and resellers.  By doing so, you are guaranteed compatibility and seamless operation of your Smart Care system.


How do I set up my smart home?

Setting up your Smart Care Residential system is quick and simple.  There are onscreen tutorials that take you through the system registration process.  The devices included in your Smart Care Residential Starter Kit have been “pre-paired” and should be part of your system once you have registered your Smart Care Residential Starter Kit.


Is there a monthly fee?

No.  At this time, there is only one purchase option – Smart Care Residential Starter Kit.  This purchase includes all you need to enjoy the full benefits of your environmental control system.


What happens if my internet connection is down?

Don’t worry!  The Smart Care Residential System has built-in redundancy!  If your internet connection is down, you will be provided with the option to control your Smart Care system in “offline” mode.  Certain advanced functions are only available when connected to the internet but rest assured you will still be able to control your home devices even when the internet is down.  This, however, assumes that your home network (wireless router) is still operating, just not connected to your service providers connection.


Are funding options available?

Are you a Veteran?  If so, we thank you for your dedication and service to our country.  If you have a service-related injury or related disability, you may be eligible for a SAHAT grant.  Please contact your VA case manager for more information regarding the SAHAT program.  If you are having trouble reaching your case manager, please don’t hesitate to call us and we can help you navigate the process.

Unfortunately, standard insurance does not cover Smart Care at this time.  There are, however, State Independent Waiver Programs that provide for assistive technology devices.  We encourage you to work with your State benefits coordinator and ask them about any waiver programs that have availability.

There are also service organizations such as Easter Seals that provide funding for assistive technology devices.  These are done on a case by case basis and are usually managed by your local service organization’s chapter or affiliate.


If I already have a device, can I use Smart Care?

Yes!  Assuming you have an iOS, Android, or Windows device that meets our minimum CPU and operating system version you can use your own device!  We don’t require you to purchase a device from us or have a proprietary tablet to use the Smart Care Residential system.


Does this system support Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home products?

At this time, we support Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant.   We are actively looking to integrate other digital assistants and will keep you informed as we continue to add to our product ecosystem!



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