Inpatient Rehabilitation With Eye Tracking


The Situation

In a significant number of spinal cord injury cases, patients experiences some loss of gross and/or fine motor skills. Given the lack of motor skills, patients are unable to utilize the hospital provided nurse call remote control. In addition to not being able to call the nurse, patients cannot turn on/off the room lights, operate the TV, or control the hospital bed. This is a life safety liability for the hospital as well as a significant factor in patient discomfort and satisfaction.

The Smart Solution

Smart Solutions Healthcare creates a new, user-friendly patient interface for patients with quadriplegia. Smart Care Healthcare integrates our Smart Care™ environmental control unit with an eye tracking user interface to control existing hospital infrastructure – nurse call, room lighting, bed controls, augmented communications software, and TV.

The Outcome

Smart Care Healthcare delivers a platform that empowers patients to be more independent while improving their ability to communicate with hospital staff. 

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