James and Evelyn’s Peace of Mind


The Situation

Mr. Jones is a 97-year-old World War II veteran. He lived alone for many years until one day, when getting up to answer the phone, he fell and broke his hip. After completing rehabilitation, his son James and daughter-in-law Evelyn couldn’t fathom the thought of Mr. Jones going back to his house alone or a nursing home. The family agreed that the best arrangement would be for Mr. Jones to live with James and Evelyn. James and Evelyn converted their basement to an in-law suite for Mr. Jones. However, James and Evelyn still felt uneasy leaving Mr. Jones alone, and were not able to spend time together away from home.

The Smart Solution

Smart Solutions installed four cameras in Mr. Joneses in-law suite so that James and Evelyn can check on Mr. Jones at all times. The cameras broadcast secure, real-time video footage of Mr. Jones to their smartphones, giving James and Evelyn the peace of mind they needed. Mr. Jones also has a fall pendant that he wears in case of emergencies.

The Outcome

Prior to Smart Solutions, James and Evelyn were hesitant to leave Mr. Jones alone by himself. James and Evelyn changed their entire daily routine to care for Mr. Jones. Installing four cameras and an emergency fall pendant, has given the Joneses peace of mind knowing that Mr. Jones is always just a click away. Mr. Jones is enjoying his new independence with the comforting knowledge that they are always there to help him, if need be.

“This is a lifesaver. Because of Smart Solutions, we were able to go on vacation for the first time in 9 years!” – James

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