Water Sensor

Water Sensor


Protect your home from expensive leaks and floods by installing a Smart Water Sensor near water heaters, drain pans, and underneath sinks. The Water Sensor is small, easy-to-use, and fits almost anywhere. Sit the sensor directly on the ground and it will notify you if it detects the presence of water. 

Automatically shut off water supply to home in the event of a leak. 

If the Water Sensor detects water, it can trigger a whole-home water shut off valve to disconnect the water supply. This protects your home against leak and flood damage even when you’re away or unaware that there’s a problem. 

Ensure that A/C drain pans don’t overflow. 

With the included clip-on standoff/remote leads, you can place the water sensor in areas that there is standing water. A/C drain pans contain some water under typical operating conditions but with the Water Sensor, you can be notified when the water reaches an unacceptable level. 

Prevent basements from flooding if a sump pump fails. 

Many homes with basements have water issues requiring the use of an automatic sump pump to remove water. When these pumps fail, the rising water level can trigger notifications with the Water Sensor. 


Detects as little as 0.5 ounces of water. 

Uses capacitance detection for sensitive and accurate detection. 

Water resistance ensures notification before damage to sensor occurs. 

Built-in power amplifier for exceptional range. 

Easy-to-install mounting plate for sensor. 

Easy compatibility with other manufacturers’ ZigBee HA 1.2 devices. 

Pull-to-pair joining process. 

Over-the-air firmware updates. 


Power:      1x CR-2 Battery (incl.)


Standard 12-month limited warranty on the Water Sensor.

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