Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor


By detecting changes in in-home temperature and humidity, the 3-Series Temperature & Humidity Sensor can add a whole range of climate control features to your connected home.  By reporting these changes in climate, your HVAC system can respond to your comfort level and help to reduce wasted energy.

Keep the perfect temperature for the right room.

Most home thermostats are located in hallways, kitchens, or living rooms. The problem is that we don’t always spend all of our time there. This causes hot and cold spots throughout the house. By placing a Temp & Humidity Sensor in your bedroom, the system can now tailor the HVAC system to keep the temperature you want in the bedroom at night.

Trigger A/C to turn on when humidity levels rise.

Many homes are predisposed to mold and mildew issues. Homes in humid climates or with damp basements are constantly battling to prevent mold and mildew from forming. By monitoring the humidity levels throughout the home with the 3-Series Temp & Humidity Sensor, your HVAC system can proactively run the A/C to pull damaging humidity out of the air.

Get alerts when your HVAC system isn’t running properly.

By monitoring temperature in different areas of the house, your connected home can notify you if there are problems with your unit. The unit not being able to keep up or longer running times are both signs that your unit may be having problems.

Easy Mounting Options

The 3-Series Temp & Humidity Sensor can be installed using either adhesive strips or mounting screws (both included). The easy-to-install mounting plate attaches with a single screw and the sensor simply slides into place on the mount


Built-in power amplifier for exceptional range.

Accurate temperature reporting down to 0.1°C.

Humidity reporting down to 1% RH.

Easy-to-install mounting plate for sensor.

Easy compatibility with other manufacturers’ ZigBee HA 1.2 devices.

Pull-to-pair joining process.

Over-the-air firmware updates.


Power:      1x CR-2 Battery (incl.)


Standard 12-month limited warranty on the Temp Sensor.

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