Smart Dimming Outlet

Smart Dimming Outlet


The Smart Dimming Outlet introduces new functionality to existing in-home lighting systems. By placing the Smart Dimming Outlet between an outlet and any lamp (up to 300W) in your home, you can instantly add advanced automation features. The Smart Dimming Outlet can also set dimming levels for any dimmable light bulb. Not only can the Smart Dimming Outlet be dimmed remotely, but it also can be used with your existing ZigBee hub to respond to alerts, schedules, and scenes. The Smart Dimming Outlet can also report its power usage for energy management. The Smart Dimming Outlet is an affordable way to add automation and track energy use in your home.

Track Energy Usage

The Smart Dimming Outlet measures real-time energy usage and can report these levels to your ZigBee hub. This gives you greater insight into how your home uses energy and helps you reduce power consumption with custom rules and scenes.


The Smart Dimming Outlet supports a wide range of dimmable bulbs

  • Dimmable LED

  • Dimmable CFL

  • Incandescent

  • Halogen

Dimming Saves Money!

Dimmed bulbs use less energy and extend their life by up to 20x.

Ultimate Compatibility

The Smart Dimming Outlet is fully ZigBee HA 1.2 certified and will function with any open, ZigBee HA 1.2-certified hubs and devices.

Turn Off Power Hungry Devices

Many electronic devices still use energy, even when they're off. Use custom schedules to completely cut power to these devices and finally take control of your home's energy costs.

Lamp "Listening"

Even when the Smart Dimming Outlet is in the “off” position, it constantly monitors the load (or lamp) for signs that a connected device is attempting to turn on. If the user tries to turn on the lamp while the module is off, the module can automatically turn itself on.

Save Energy, Save Money

By adding home appliance and lighting control, Smart Solutions’s Smart Dimming Outlet can help reduce energy costs. With smart scheduling, your home can automatically control when devices are on or off. When paired with motion and door sensors, the Smart Dimming Outlet can turn off lights and devices when rooms aren’t in use. Imagine turning off every device in your house with a single button when you leave for work or go to bed. You can even program custom scenes for entertaining, watching movies, or cooking.


Wireless:      ZigBee Home Automation 1.2

Power:         120 VAC | 60Hz

Loads:         300W Incandescent (plus dimmable LED and CFL bulbs)


Standard 12-month limited warranty on the Smart Dimming Outlet

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